Recipe: Delicious Massaman curry

Massaman curry. Massaman curry is a unique Thai curry that is not fiercely hot. It is is a rich curry of Persian origin which has been wonderfully assimilated into the classic Thai cuisine in the Southern region of Thailand. Simply use spices you have on hand plus Thai red curry paste to achieve this flavorful, rich Massaman curry!

Massaman curry This Thai inspired Massaman Curry recipe includes onions, carrots, potatoes, and chicken simmered in massaman curry sauce and served over steamed rice. It's easy to make and easy to customize. Massaman curry chicken recipe from Hot Thai Kitchen. * When working with curry paste, each brand has a different level of saltiness, so it's difficult to determine an exact measurement of fish sauce. You can cook Massaman curry using 11 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Massaman curry

  1. Prepare 800 grams of chicken drumsticks.
  2. You need 2.5 tbsp of Massaman Curry paste.
  3. It’s of Coconut milk.
  4. You need of Fish sauce.
  5. You need 2 tbsp of Palm sugar.
  6. Prepare 2 tbsp of Tamarind.
  7. You need 3 of x onion chopped.
  8. You need 2 of x potatoes chopped.
  9. You need of Red pepper chopped.
  10. It’s 1/2 cup of Roasted peanuts.
  11. You need of c.

Massaman Curry, a mild and flavorful Thai curry with a perfect blend of sweet, spicy and creamy. Thai Massaman curry is quick and super easy to make. I love the flavor combination in this curry. I love the Massaman Curry from the Thai restaurants in this region and I had high hopes for this recipe.

Massaman curry step by step

  1. Meduim heat on saucepan. Add coconut and cury paste and add chicken.
  2. Add chopped potatoe and seasoning (sugar, tamarind, fish sauce) add red pepper, peanuts.
  3. Leave it to cook on low heat for about 50 min. Serve with rice.

I should have stuck with my instinct – Massaman Curry isn't supposed be this thick! Lamb Shanks Massaman Curry – a wildy popular dish at upscale Thai restaurants, the lamb is Aussies are extremely fond of lamb shanks and Massaman Curry. So we never pass it up when we. Massaman curry hails from the south of Thailand and is different from other Thai curries—you can easily detect an Indian influence, notably in the spices such as cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg. Traditional Massaman curry is a Thai curry that's rich but relatively mild heat-wise.

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