Easiest Way to Make Delicious Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang. Rendang is a rich and tender coconut beef stew which is explosively flavorful and beef rendang is the most popular rendang. Called "rendang daging" in local language, it's arguably the most famous beef recipe in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Origins of Rendang A tip on making Beef Rendang is to use a mortar and pestle to grind the spices, if you could find one.

Beef Rendang Otherwise, the recipe is quite authentic.. Beef Rendang is a Malaysian curry and is considered by many to be the king of all curries! To say it's extravagantly delicious is an understatement. You can have Beef Rendang using 15 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Beef Rendang

  1. Prepare 3 kg of chuck or blade steak.
  2. It’s 25 of red chillies deseeded if you like it mild.
  3. Prepare 10 of garlic.
  4. It’s 3 of cinnamon barks.
  5. You need 3 sticks of lemongrass.
  6. It’s 15 of cloves.
  7. Prepare 10 of Salam leaves subs with 7 bay leaves.
  8. Prepare 20 of kaffir lime leaves.
  9. It’s 2 cm of ginger.
  10. It’s 5 cm of galangal.
  11. It’s 1.5 tsp of nutmeg.
  12. It’s 1.5 tsp of tumeric (I omit it here).
  13. You need 1 TBSP of sugar.
  14. Prepare 1 TBSP of salt.
  15. You need 1.5 litres of coconut cream.

There are very few curries in this world with such amazingly complex flavours. Originally from Indonesia though now more well known as a Malaysia curry, the sauce is made with aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom and. Rendang is a traditional Indonesian dish, but is also part of Malayasian cuisine, too. Rendang is meat (usually beef) that has been slowly cooked and braised in a spice paste mixture and coconut.

Beef Rendang instructions

  1. Blend using about 400 mL coconut cream all the spice but lemongrass, cinnamon barks, kaffir lime leaves, Salam leaves and galangal..
  2. Cook the spice mix on low heat including all the leaves, galangal, nutmeg, salt, pepper and sugar without oil or water until fragrant and oily (pic 2).
  3. Add the diced meat, turn up the heat to medium and make sure meat is covered with the sauce. After 10 minutes of cooking and the juice from meat is out (pic 2) you might want to use your pressure cooker and cook for 10-15 minutes. (Blade steak for 20 minutes).
  4. Safely open the pressure cooker’s lid and take out all the meat and set aside..
  5. Add the remaining coconut cream and keep cooking the sauce on low heat for about 3-5 hours on low heat, stir occasionally. The sauce should be dark and looks creamy (pic 2). The original recipe called for cooking the meat and sauce on low heat for about 9 hours. You can cut the cooking time, but it’s not rendang, it’s called kalio..
  6. Put the meat and sauce together and cook for a further 15-30 minutes..
  7. Serve with steam rice and fresh salad leaves / chopped cucumbers..

Beef rendang is carefully stirred, simmered and cooked for three to four hours until the coconut milk has totally evaporated and the meat has absorbed the flavor of the herbs and spices. Dried rendang can be stored at room temperature for three to four weeks. It can even last up to six months if frozen. Beef Rendang is a flavorful West Sumatran dry curry that's made with beef, that's cooked together with a spice paste and coconut milk until fork-tender. It's then fried together with the remaining braising liquid until the liquid caramelizes around the beef, coating it with an insane amount of flavor.

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