Easy Closet Cosplay Ideas

Easy Closet Cosplay Ideas. There are some characters that require some serious manhours to complete while others. To get inspiration on how to closet cosplay other characters, check out great collections on Polyvore or great Tumblr blogs like Cosplay Every Day and (my personal favorite) DisneyBound.

Casual Cosplay Asami Sato | Casual cosplay, Fashion ...
Casual Cosplay Asami Sato | Casual cosplay, Fashion … (Florence Lewis)

You're going to love how easy it is to make a dragon costume from a sweatsuit! I have a couple ideas, but not enough for the full month. "Closet cosplay is mostly using what you have from your closet, with maybe a couple cheap store-bought items put together," Asta told POPSUGAR. "It is different because it is simple, easy, and casual. Keep working on those costumes, cosplayers, and have a great time at Comic-Con everyone!

Usually, this involves pairing a wig and character makeup with your outfit in order to resemble your favorite character.

If you're looking for easy anime cosplay ideas for guys, then a Hitsugaya cosplay is a good choice.

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It's an easy cosplay that you can typically put together within a week or so before your. This works out when you want to cosplay but you are under a con crunch and time is scarce. The beauty of cosplaying is that cosplayers come in all shapes and sizes.

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