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Kaiju Movie Poster Art. Meansheets.com – the museum of movie posters. Written By: Ken Hulsey Sources: IMDB.

New PACIFIC RIM Kaiju Photos and Concept Art — GeekTyrant
New PACIFIC RIM Kaiju Photos and Concept Art — GeekTyrant (Emilie Reyes)

Kaiju corruption on the Shao Drones. See more ideas about Kaiju, Godzilla, Movie posters. A Skinmite's function is said to be similar to that of a Louse, piggybacking on the bodies of Kaiju either before or after they leave the Anteverse through the Breach.

Kaiju coming from a crack in the ocean seems like Del Toro's way of avoiding the obvious Eva reference of.

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It was originally gonna be a more elaborate corruption but they decided to tone it down a bit (probably because of time constraints). I've been testing out a few techniques to color the background to give it a nice old school. Series of illustrated posters based on Ultraman and Godzilla monsters.

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